Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tax Credits for Efficient Air Conditioners, Furnaces and Water Heaters

You can get a US Federal Tax Credit up to $500 if you purchased an energy efficient central air conditioning unit, furnace, or water heater.  You can find the details for what qualifies by clicking here, but here is a quick summary:

  • Central Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Systems - $300 for systems with a SEER rating of at least 16 for split systems or 14 for package systems.
  • Furnaces - $150 for systems with AFUE of 95 or higher.
  • Water Heater - $300 for systems with an energy factor of at least 0.82 or thermal efficiency of 90%.
All these credits are limited to a lifetime total of $500 going back to 2005.  So, if you've received credits in the past, you might not be eligible.  You will need to file IRS Form 5695 for Residential Energy Credits with your 2012 tax return to receive the credit.


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