Friday, June 15, 2012


I don't usually blog about how to save money when shopping, but this was just so big, I wanted to tell everyone.  Recently I found a way for my family to save $1,175 per year - on one item.  

Our 7-year old twins both take over-the-counter Claritin for allergies.  There are generic pills available, but I have not found a chewable generic for kids.  I never paid much attention to what we pay for Children's Claritin until BJ's Wholesale Club quit carrying it and we had to begin buying it at Walgreens.  

It seemed quite expensive at Walgreens.  So, being the finance nerd that I am, I created a spreadsheet to calculate the annual cost.  I was a bit shocked when my annual estimate came to $1,532!  

$20.99 per 20 or $1.05 per pill, but my kids need 2 per dose so $2.10 per dose.  With 2 kids and 365 days per year, that means 720 doses per year or 720 x $2.10 = $1,532

While my kids can't yet swallow a pill, I discovered they could use the Claritin Reditabs that dissolve on the tongue.  BJ's has the Reditabs on their shelves so I put them into my spreadsheet and discovered the annual cost would be just $358 - an annual savings of $1,175.

$24.49 per 50 or $0.49 per pill and per dose.  $0.49 x 720 doses = $358

My kids liked the grape chewables better, but they got over it.  While I'm happy to save this money now, I only wish I discovered this two years ago!  Sometimes BIG savings come in small packages.

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